• Why Juice?

    By slowly and carefully grinding, mixing and pressing organic vegetables and fruit, we keep necessary and crucial enzymes, minerals and other vital nutrients alive for your drinking (and healthy) pleasure.  Trust us, you wouldn’t want it any other way!

  • We Deliver

    Along with our commitment to making the freshest juice around, we believe these bottles of goodness should be delivered to you at an affordable price.

  • Weekly Subscriptions

    Subscribe to have your fresh, cold-pressed juices delivered weekly, without the hassle of having to order each week!


At Humdinger Juice, delivering the purest, most nutrient dense “live” juice is what we are all about.

We are a fresh, raw and 100% organically grown, cold-pressed juice company nestled right here in the City of Oaks! We believe in the healing properties of these juices, and in the power they have to connect you to all that’s real and good not only in you, but in the world around you.




“As a local Nutritionist who believes strongly in the power of real food, I absolutely love Humdinger and what they bring to our community.  By slowing pressing fresh fruits, vegetables, and more, you get a huge dose of live nutrients and enzymes from one easy and delicious beverage.  What’s more, this process removes the hard to digest fiber which results in rapid absorption of these good for you vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Since this quick digestion can lead to an excess of sugars (namely fructose) and even increased sugar cravings at times, it’s especially important that Humdinger’s team includes filtered water in their juice blends in order to avoid a blood sugar spike. That way you can rest assured you are getting the best and tastiest product that is perfectly tailored for your health.” – Katherine Andrew, MPH, RD, LND